Challenging or chaotic times
with your child?

What We Do

YouTime Coaching was founded with an ambitious core belief: if you provide compassionate support, positive modeling and skillful accountability, personal growth and change is possible. Chaotic and challenging times fall on us all, YouTime helps you and your family build the roadmap to get you through it.


YouTime Coaching has been mentoring my son for almost a year. They are bright, intuitive clinicians, and, despite my son’s initial resistance, they have built a strong and positive bond with him. I feel that my son is in excellent hands-and I credit YouTime Coaching with motivating and encouraging him to pursue his intellectual potential, while remaining emotionally healthy. I am so grateful that YouTime is ‘on our team’ and I would recommend them without reservation. They are a gem!

~ Elizabeth B.

Without YouTime Coaching, I don’t think I would have ever found the courage or belief in myself that was needed to help me change careers and make a big move in my life. Thanks YouTime! I know I’ll be coming back to you for future advice!

~ Brian P.

YouTime is a diamond in the rough. I started with YouTime Coaching because I felt that I was holding myself back from the life I deserved. YouTime met me where I was and we worked together to prove that change was obtainable and within my reach. I gained the skills to ask the important questions, to be honest with myself, and invite challenges. I highly recommend YouTime Coaching.

~ Nancy W.

Jonathan has been a tremendous influence for my son. He has helped him find his inner strength and take advantage of his skills while dealing with anxieties that were holding him back. It takes a rare person to identify skills and nurture them in the way Jonathan does. I only wish I had someone like him when I was a teenager.

~ Alex S.

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Jonathan, the Owner and Found of YouTime Coaching.

A little bit about Jonathan, the Owner and Founder of YouTime Coaching.

Thirty seconds of paralysis is all it took to force Jonathan into the world of Sport and Performance Psychology. Following a neck injury sustained in a senior year Varsity baseball game, Jonathan battled the mental and physical rigors of returning to play competitive baseball again. Overcoming the adversity, Jonathan was invited to pitch at a competitive Division I school, and this is where his passion for working with individuals began.

Jonathan attended the University of Rhode Island to obtain a degree in Kinesiology and Psychology before coming up to Boston to earn his Master’s Degree in Counseling and Sport Psychology from Boston University. In addition to his work with YouTime Coaching, Jonathan serves as a consultant for a private psychiatric facility in Boston where he runs life coaching based groups, and is currently developing a life coaching and happiness based app.