Let’s Connect

We want to understand. Let’s connect through a phone call or meet in-person to find out what is going on and how we can help best. Together we can identify the needs areas, provide neutral feedback and together assess a strategy moving forward.

  • Assess the Need Areas
  • Identify Support Strategies
  • Provide Neutral Feedback
  • Discuss Expectations
  • Explore Reasons for Change



Let’s give chaotic times a chill pill. Preparation is undeniably important to sustainable progress and this will be our first focus. The Develop stage is used to create a manageable plan, with realistic goals, and specific to your needs. We will support you all the way, through in-between session time, and plenty of resources.

  • Strategic Goal Setting
  • Develop Methods for Tracking Progress
  • Create Supportive Environment
  • Executive Functioning Skills
  • Accountability Techniques



“Just Do It” works for Nike, but not always for us. The preparation that was put into the Develop stage will be your backbone, while the Implement stage is all about taking those next steps to sustainable progress and growth. YouTime will provide real-time support and compassionate accountability to make things a tad easier on you.

  • Action-Oriented Steps
  • Establishing Routines
  • Adapting to New Challenges
  • Ongoing Feedback and Recognition
  • Tracking Progress