Make The Change: A Guide & Supportive Kick In The Butt


YouTime Coaching’s Make the Change Kit is a self-help workbook good for parents, young adults, adolescents, athletes, and other like-minded individuals who are looking to make specific changes in their life and the lives of those around them.

Your kit includes:

  • 19 – pages of highly effective and research-backed guidance.
  • 5 – engaging exercises that we use with every client.
  • 5 – supportive worksheets for to ensure you’re getting the right practice in.
  • 7 – strategy videos that help you in each stage of the kit.
  • BONUS: 30 Days of Unlimited Email Coaching INCLUDED


Change is hard. Whether you’re a kid, young adult, parent, teacher, athlete, or however you would like to label yourself, it doesn’t take long to come up with something you would like to change about yourself.

We created this kit ‘Make The Change: A guide and supportive kick in the butt’ to help YOU creating meaningful and most importantly, sustainable change.

To fully support you in your process YouTime Coaching will provide you 30 days of unlimited email coaching support to get you up and going… no strings attached.


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